As I mentioned in our Instagram Story post yesterday, I have always craved so much sugar in my daily life. Since I was a little kid the kitchen pantry has been my best friend, hands down BFF. Joke a side, but, I always ate rice cakes with cheese flavor, drank so much strawberry lemonade, always bought candy on every lunch break, and if the food weren't good enough for my belly I always thought it would be better to buy something called "bulle-med-bulle" which is a typical southern swedish snack where you eat a white bun and smash it with a chocolate ball and eat it together. Hey gluten, hey sugar, hey "healthy food"...Never ending story, and this turned out to be the worst period for my body, soul and general well-being. It affected me more than I could ever imagine. I got very tired, I got lower grades and the results both in my school and at my extra job at McDonald's were chaotic. I often ate McDonald's food when working there and ordered staff-food to go when my shift was done after a day behind the cash line.

From my point of view, it's really important to mention that nothing with this life style is actual wrong. The only thing that it's wrong is the day you decide to treat yourself and your body in a way that makes you lose confident and energy. So, after these years, I realized I could do a few baby steps to be more honest and kind to myself. Instead of buying snacks on every break I had and have, when I have worked on a daily basis found recipes or creating recipes from inspiration sources. (Pick up limes at Youtube is absolutely awesome, check out her channel).

A typical day in my life now can look like this: I wake up, eating my breakfast, go to work, and when working 8-17 and more, it's important for me to always satisfy my sweet teeth. This is something I've been struggling with since I was younger, between 9 and 12am I often get quite hungry or craving something.

So, I have now set a rule for myself that every time I feel this craving, I can ensure that I have something snack friendly at home or at office. It can be fruit, it can be organic peanut butter so I can dip the fruit in something sweeter. It can also be that I have baked something during a cosy Sunday. For example I made snack bars for the whole week last Sunday which means I can open the fridge and find a bit of heaven to then just relax again and get the energy I need.

The difference between the energy level I got a few years ago and the energy level now is hands down a remarkable progress. Instead of 1 liter of strawberry lemonade and a few candy bites which generates in a high energy level for about 20 minutes, I get an minimum 3 hour energy boost from one home made snack bar and 1 liter water. This is not a rocket science, but it's a science based proof in every way.

If you can relate to this, please make a comment or like, or maybe contact us at Instagram DM or just follow us for daily inspiration to this easy peasy step you can make for yourself. Treat yourself right and the life will love you back, we promise. Good food, good mood!

A few concrete steps you can take: Take a look at your pantry and see if you can find something that you really like but you don't know how to make something out of it, so it just stands there on the shelf. For example: Dates, almonds or rolled oats. Try to see if you can bake something out of it, and combine it with fruits. For example this apple crumble you see here. It's easily made by the left overs from the snack bars I made this Sunday. I just crumbled it with fresh winter apples and put it in the oven. Bam! There you have a hell of a good apple pie! And to not forget...This makes it possible for you to eat as topping on your morning smoothie bowl or warm porridge during the dark winter mornings. How cosy?!

Use your creativity, make experiments and try to see if you can play around with your own food brain. I believe you can, we believe you can! It's really important to mention with this post that we don't pin point you for eating in a specific way, we want to inspire you to see this as options and treatments in a healthy way. Choose your moments of eating whatever you want, but don't forget to be kind to yourself.

Best, Emmy from Foodgeekz